Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank You and a NEW SWAP

Hi all, first of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to all who took part in our Pretty Things Jar Swap. I am glad and happy to know that you all had fun. Although we have a little hiccups, but I think overall, everyone had fun receiving pretty things in the mail as well as sending it out to your swap partner. While we waiting for Victoria's jar to arrive and link it up here, I am going to start the ball rolling for our next swap, how about
Lace and Doily Swap!
(in case you ask, doily can be paper doily, doily stamp, crocheted doily, anything that you think it is a doily and I don't have to explain what is lace right, LOL!)

Lace and Doily Swap
This swap is open to all active blogger who loves receiving pretty things in the mail and love to make friends and have fun, you don't have to be a follower of City Crafter to join us.
No jar this time, so everyone could put your lace and doily in a small envelope, I would like to highlight this, it seems to me that we all felt the same way(including myself), after receiving the jar from our partner, we wished that we could do more than what we already sent out, because we can't believe how much we had received. This swap is just for fun because I believe we all love receiving pretty things in the mail, so please do what we can, I do not want to limit the amount, so even you send only one doily and a yard of lace to your partner and received plenty, it is fine! Remember, this is just for fun, so no one should feel bad about not giving enough, or received too little, ok?

Alright, here we go.....

Step 1: Sign Up
Send me (Kirsty) an email -,  and I will count you in for this Lace and Doily Swap, this will open from today (Friday 9/10) to Sunday 9/19 (11:59 PM EST), you have more than a week to send an email, you are welcome to post this Lace and Doily Swap on your personal blog to spread the words around so that more people can join in the fun.

Copy and paste the following in your email to me.

Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Blog Address:

I will pair you up with a partner and send the info to you soon after the registration closed. And will keep you updated from time to time, the best way is for you to follow this blog so you will get updated whenever there is a new post here!


  1. oooh, exciting, love the theme!!

  2. Love it! Count me in; You already have my adress from the first swap.... Do I have to send it again?

  3. Hi are your swaps open to international bloggers? I'm an Aussie who hopes to participate in some swaps in the future & have found many swaps on blogs unclear on this. Makes postage more expensive so I understand some would stick to their own country.

  4. Hi Kirsty
    Love swaps!!.. I see the other post (1st swap) wow!. Today I see you did Swaps.
    So I want to join. I will send you an email today.


  5. Is me again, lol!... Kirsty i sent a message to your email. I feel happy found this Swap today.