Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Postcard and Thanksgiving Package Swap ~ Show off your happy mail!!!

Hi all, you should be getting the info for your swap partner by now. You can start getting the Thanksgiving package ready, don't forget to put in your lovely postcard you made for the swap. Send it to your partner as soon as you get it done, we do have a deadline though, so nobody should wait and wait and wait for that little happy mail to arrive. Last day to get the package out of your house is November 22nd.

Once you received your Postcard and Thanksgiving package, I strongly encourage you to make a post on your blog and then link it up here, so everyone could go around and admire your happy mail and share your joy, that is the fun part of doing the swap right?

Alright, if you are ready.....


  1. Yay, our first happy mail here at City Crafter Party Blog, what lovely package you've received, now we can't wait to see your creation with those goodies, thanks for joining us for the postcard swap!!! : )

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