Monday, August 2, 2010

Pretty Things Jar Swap (part 2)

Hi all, it is getting closer to our Pretty Things Jar Swap Party!
By now, you should have gotten an email from me with the mailing info of your swap partner and their blog address, do visit each other's blog to say hello!

Many of you is concern about sending a glass jar in the mail, you could do plastic jar, or even send the pretty things in a padded envelope, it really doesn't matter, as I said before, the fun part is the surprises in the mail, so if the glass jar is not workable for you, a box, an envelope is fine! (**You might want to let your partner know if you are not sending the Pretty Things in a jar, so there is no oopsy moment)

Ok, what you waiting for, start filling up your jar (box, envelope) with pretty things that you think your partner would like, and get it ready to send out between August 6th - 21st

Have fun!!!! 

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